7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Session at Camp

It doesn’t need to be your first summer to benefit from these valuable tips on having the best experience at camp. Now is the time to start planning for the summer, there is so much to do at Mountain Camp, so read on to get ready before you reach the mountain.

1. Make New Friends

Big Hill Mountain Camp Even if you have lots of friends at home and school, this is your chance to step outside your social circle and meet someone new. You never know, your new best friend might be just a cabin away.

2. Take Care of Yourself

Mountain Camp Water, water, drink more water…did we mention the water? Camp is nearly a mile above sea level. The air is dry and the dust is dusty, hydrate and shower frequently so you can stay active trying new things. Don’t forget that chapstick!

3. Sail Something

sail something (1 of 1) It’s a blast tubing and water-skiing, but our staff can also provide excellent instruction on windsurfers and sailboats. Sailors that demonstrate proficiency can have opportunities to safely take boats out on their own.

4. Sleep Out Under the Stars

Milky Way Stars


The stars up here are the real deal. You’re almost guaranteed to see shooting stars or the milky way. Many cabins have decks so campers can sleep outside every night. There aren’t many bugs at night so you won’t need a tent.

5. Try Fencing

Fencing Mountain Camp


That’s right, FENCING! This is one of those activities that you might never have a chance to experience in everyday life. Yes, that is a partially dressed pirate in the background, and he might want to battle.

6. Be in the Moment

fire (1 of 1) Life outside of camp can be pretty hectic. Soak up the opportunity to unplug your devices and live in one of the most beautiful settings on earth, sing songs, eat s’mores, and stare at the campfire.

 7. Get Launched

Aqua Launch Mountain Camp Summer wouldn’t be complete without some serious air time above the swim area on our Aqua Launch. Extra points for style.

It’s your summer, make the most of it!