The Polar Bear Swim

With every Thursday at Mountain Camp comes the opportunity to participate in one of our oldest traditions, the Polar Bear Swim.   Those brave enough to wake up early and submerge themselves in Ice House Lake are instructed to place a towel at the end of their bed before falling asleep on Wednesday night.  At 6:30am on Thursday morning, staff wake up the campers, assemble at the dining area, and head down to the lake.

Once at the lake, all campers get life jackets before heading out into the water.  Surprisingly, the water often feels warm, in contrast to the cool morning air.  Campers brave the waters for a minute or two before getting out and drying off.

Once back up at camp, as other campers are just waking up, the Polar Bears recount their adventure over hard-earned cups of hot chocolate.   At breakfast announcements, the whole camp recognizes the bravery of the Polar Bears with cheers and applause.  What a way to start the day!  At the end of each session, 2 or 3 lucky Polar Bears win a stuffed polar bear to take home.