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Thanks for your interest in working at Mountain Camp. Below are descriptions of the positions & compensation we offer at camp.

Depending on the hiring process, these positions may or may not be open. The titles below are the “positions” that you will need to choose when you complete the online application.

Please email Dave if you have any questions. Apply HERE!


general-counselorNew Counselor – 
If you have never worked at Mountain Camp before, this is for you!  Cabin counselors are responsible for the care and supervision of the campers in all aspects of the program.  Depending on the period of the day, they lead their cabin group, lead activity groups or areas, supervise general areas of camp, or execute special parts of the program.  They build positive relationships with campers and serve as role models and authority figures.

Returning Counselor – 
If you have worked at Mountain Camp before, this is for you!  Returning Counselors have the same job description as new counselors, but also serve as mentors to first time staff, and have the opportunity to apply for more responsibility by adding a Coordinator, CCST, or Nanny role to their job description.

Preparing for Camp Song

Coordinators and Counselor/Camper Support Team-

Coordinators –
Coordinators live “in cabin” with the campers and have all the same responsibilities as the Cabin Counselors. In addition, they add on one of the responsibilities listed below. 

Counselor/Camper Support Team (CCST) –
CCST members live “out of cabin” and are the primary support system for cabin counselors. They help counselors with camper and cabin challenges (i.e. homesickness, behavior issues, social dynamics, etc.) as well as counselor-coworker dynamics or personal needs. CCST members also have an area (or a few areas) of extra responsibility listed below. 

Areas of Extra Responsibility for Coordinators or CCSTs. When applying, please refer to specific role(s) you are interested in and whether you’d prefer to be a Coordinator or CCST. Please note: You must also check the box for a New or Returning Staff position when completing the application.

  • Store/Mail –
    Drive the daily trip, in a camp vehicle, to Pollock Pines or beyond to pick up supplies and mail. Sort and distribute mail at camp. Must be at least 21 years old and have a clean driving record. This position also includes transporting campers and staff as needed.
  • Evening Program (EP) –  
    Plan and execute the Evening Program (EP) activity period from 7pm-8:30pm every night. This usually consists of a camp-wide activity or game, followed by songs and skits at the campfire. Usually a team of two people, this position has a planning period during the day and is responsible for set up, clean up, management of staff, costumes, props and music.
  • Arts & Crafts –  
    Work under the Arts & Crafts supervisor to oversee the program. This includes helping to facilitate activities, manage staff, and organize inventory and supplies.
  • Mountain Bikes –  
    Clean, repair and maintain the mountain bikes for the campers and staff. Maintain current trails and potentially develop new trails.
  • CITs (Counselor-in-Training Program) – 
    Work with Directors and CIT cabin staff to implement the CIT program during Sessions 3, 4, and 5. This includes support of CIT counselors with all camper issues, scheduling, special activities and trips.
  • Mountaineers – 
    Coordinate the Mountaineer Program (must be both a Returning Counselor and a current Mountaineer).


  • Media –
    Take, edit, and print cabin photos, take daily photos of campers and activities, create and present slideshow at end of every session, create short videos, update social media accounts with photos and videos. Support photo and video activities as needed. Research, write, and post the daily Blog.
  • Office
    Assist with a variety of office responsibilities and tasks including organizing and stamping outgoing mail, preparing, distributing and collecting session postcards and certificates. Answer emails and phones as assigned. Support the administrative needs of other parts of the program as assigned (CITs, Mountaineers, Support Staff, etc.)
  • Overnights – 
    Plan and facilitate overnight trips for campers during the two-week sessions: 3, 4, and 5. For most Overnight trips, this will be a paddle trip across the lake. For some, it may be at the Mountain Camp waterfront area. Organize and manage equipment and supplies and obtain a Forest Service Fire Permit.
  • Bus – 
    Responsible for the 4-6 rotating staff members assigned to facilitate the bus trips to and from camp. Orient and manage staff for each in-between session. Oversee the bus loading process including bagged snacks and loading of luggage. Assure a smooth trip with the campers and liaison with parents as necessary during drop off and pick up. Communicate with Directors during bus trips to update on timing and make adjustments as necessary.

Other Positions

Ropes Course Manager – 
Oversee all aspects of the Ropes Course including: safety and inspections, equipment, staff training and management, and daily facilitation of the program for the campers.

Nannies (the Cub Program) –
Supervise the children of Directors throughout the day. Two six-year-olds and two nine-year-olds (covered by 2-3 staff). When not supervising children, these staff support other areas of the program as needed. They may be on-call drivers, support the camp store, office, or facilities projects. They may move into cabin to support when counselors are unexpectedly out or when the director’s children do not need care for an extended period. Open to both New or Returning Staff, can be “in-cabin” or “out-of-cabin.” Use Addendum to apply for this position in addition to New or Returning Counselor position.

Healthcare Staff –
Three Healthcare staff work as a team to meet all of the healthcare needs of the campers and staff at camp. We hire RNs, NPs, MDs, DOs, EMTs and Paramedics. Healthcare Staff work as little as one week and as long as a full-summer. Options for weekly salary or work-in-trade for camper tuition. Email: [email protected]m for details.


The following is an outline of our pay scale for summer staff (from 2023). The pay scale is our way of making salaries consistent for the entire staff. However, if you have unique qualifications not stated in the outline, please contact our office to discuss your situation. In addition to the salaries listed below, camp also provides room and board while working at camp, valued at $258/week for 2024. 

Title Base Salary Per Week Minimum Qualification
Counselors and Coordinators $550 19 years old or one year of college completed (or equivalent)
Counselor/Camper Support Team (CCST) $600 21 years old, experience in area of responsibility (listed above)
Ropes Course Manager $650 21 years old, ACCT Level II certified
Nanny $600 19 years old or one year of college completed (or equivalent)

Additions to base salary (per week) are made for the following situations:

Title Added per Week
Returning Staff (Min. 6 weeks prior summer) $25.00
Coordinator (added during applicable sessions) $25.00
Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification $15.00
Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Certification $25.00
Lifeguard Certification (Red Cross or equivalent) $30.00
Completed Bachelor’s Degree $25.00
Activity Certification (ACA or equivalent, based on relevance. $5.00-$20.00 ($50.00 max)

Please note:

  • ALL staff MUST be 1st Aid and CPR Certified before arriving at camp.
  • Mountain Camp may offer an optional Lifeguard, CPR and 1st Aid Training prior to Staff Training week, for those interested.

We look forward to reading your application and will contact you if you are selected for an interview. In the interim, if you should have any questions or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].