It’s Raining…Camp Goes On!

California Summer CampRain is OK

There are a few occasions where we see rain here on the mountain. This happens about 5 times a summer, often not lasting more than a day. Here is a rundown of what we do to make the best of the rain.


We have a removable tarp that covers our dining area. It takes about 20 minutes to set up and allows us to use the meal area even when it’s wet other places.

California Summer Camp


If it is just wet, we can run most of our activities. When the rain is coming down, our priority is to keep campers safe, warm, and dry. They spend time in their cabins, the lodge, or the dining area socializing, playing board games, or other inside activities organized by counselors.

California Summer Camp

Evening Program

Rarely does it rain a full day on the mountain. If it is raining during evening program, we typically hold three age group events under the dining area where it stays dry. This is usually a 35 minute song and skit session.

California Summer Camp

When the Rain Stops

The sky quickly clears and the sun pokes through the clouds. Just as quickly as it begins, it ends. Camp goes on.