Age Group Songs

Singing and chanting is one of the aspects of camp that make it such a unique place and keeps it so different from school and everyday life. Rarely do you eat every meal with 300 other people, and spend more of it standing up, chanting, dancing or singing than you do sitting down and eating your delicious meal.

At Mountain Camp campers are divided into three different age groups, the Trailblazers, Trackers and Alpiners, each with their own song. Age groups get a chance to practice their song on Sunday as soon as they arrive at camp and then spend all week belting it out at mealtimes, competing with other campers to see who can sing the loudest.

The age group songs have been around as long as Mountain Camp and all have their own unique and special quirks. Why read about it when you can WATCH IT in action! Check out of video below of the session 3A Trailblazers singing the Trailblazer song with their counselors.



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