The Ropes Course

Attention first year, and returning campers alike!

Our Ropes Course was given a facelift in the months prior to the Summer 2016 session. This brief blog will highlight a few of the most exciting changes our campers will find down at Ropes this year.


Our Zipline, the centerpiece of the Mountain Camp Ropes Course, has now been extended by about 40 feet. The extension of our line has allowed climbers to smoothly zip all the way to the ground, gently landing on their own two feet.

Grandest of all the updates were the changes made to our Lobster Claws course.


The Lobster Claw course is essentially all of the elements anchored in the tree canopy at the Ropes Course that are not within reach of the ground. While the majority of the elements of our course are the same, the belay system that our climbers use to safely negotiate these off the ground obstacles has been replaced by a new system: the C-Hook (the latest advancement in challenge course tech). By adopting the C-Hook system we have been able to eliminate the requirements that came along with our old Lobster Claw course. No longer will blazers be turned away because of the height requirement, nor will one week campers be prevented from accessing areas of our course that required longer training. The new belay system also gives our climbers a more complete autonomy up in the trees. Campers choose the elements that they traverse across, and transfer their own C-Hook’s accordingly.


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