Outdoor Cooking at Camp

Outdoor cooking is an exciting activity at Mountain Camp which gives campers the opportunity to prepare, cook and eat their own food. It is a popular activity which is offered for each age group at Outdoors sign-ups, runs for one and a half hours and attracts approximately 25 campers each activity period.

Both sweet and savory treats are cooked at outdoor cooking including banana boats, chocolate chip brownies inside an orange, popcorn balls and the most popular foods are pizza pockets and s’moretillas.

To make pizza pockets campers add pizza sauce and their choice of cheese and/or pepperoni onto half a pizza base. This is then folded over, the edges are sealed to trap all of the pizza-goodness, wrapped in aluminum foil and finally placed on the grill over the fire to crisp and turn a golden – brown. Campers then bite into the melted cheese/pepperoni goodness and each pocket is always devoured!

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


Step 6:


Step 7:


Step 8:


Happy, smiling faces are always on display at the end of outdoor cooking after the campers devour their delicious treats!!

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