How Do We Gear Up for Summer?

The only thing we DON’T pack up for the winter? The bell.

Sierra Mountain winters are hard on camp, so we pack and secure everything at the end of each season. We call it ‘pack-up’ and it can be completed in as little as three days in September, putting everything back together is a bit of a different process. Set-up begins in mid May each year. Here is how we make it happen.

Mountain Camp Winter

The set up crew begins by un-boarding the windows of all camp structures. Once inside they can unpack pretty much every item used in the summer. Here are some things that have to be removed from inside buildings…

– Nearly 300 mattresses

– 4 Laser sailboats

– 9 Frisbee golf stands

– Over 30 folding picnic tables

– 25 kayaks and 20 stand up paddle boards

Mountain Camp Waterfront

The waterfront requires some serious assembly. Everything has to be inflated and connected. The swim area is anchored to the bottom of the lake with cement moorings, which also need to be carefully placed by brave waterfront staff members willing to test the frigid water. Sailboats are rigged and positioned on the shoreline, and powerboats are serviced and placed just offshore. The whole process takes about 30 truck trips between camp and the waterfront area.

Mountain Camp Ropes

Some might consider our focus on safety an obsession. Before camp begins…

– Ropes professionals inspect and improve the ropes course for 3 full days

– Sailboat rigging is inspected and repaired as needed

– All mattresses and cabins are sanitized

– The camp infirmary is cleaned, stocked, and prepped

– Forestry crews inspect and remove any unsafe trees or debris

– Fire prevention systems are tested and inspected (yes, we have hoses!)

– Our satellite communications system is reconnected and tested

Mountain Camp Staff

Perhaps our most important asset is our counseling staff. New and returning staff members complete an 8 day training program that covers everything from homesickness to fire safety. Staff members also learn about instructing summer skits and activities.

See you in June, we’ll be ready.