That Guy You Spoke With On The Phone

Chances are you have spoken to or emailed Brett in the camp office. We asked him 20 questions so you could get to know him a little better. Can you tell he loves skiing?

Brett BotensWhat is your full name?  Brett Paul Botens

Where were you born? Rochester, NY

Where did you grow up? Cuba, NY

Favorite pastime as kid? Skiing

What do you do for camp? So much, but I handle lots of parent questions, plan activities, and train and hire staff

Where did you go to college? Selkirk College and West Virginia University

What was your major? Ski resort management and operations, and parks, recreation, and tourism management

How did you end up at Mountain Camp? A good friend convinced me to apply as a counselor many years ago

Brett Botens

Giants or A’s? A’s

Where will you go on your next vacation? Niseko, Japan

Do you have a hidden talent? I can juggle

Most people don’t know this about you? I’m gluten free

What can’t you go a day without? Thinking about skiing

In 20 years you’ll be? Living on the moon

What is your favorite movie? The Goonies

Brett Botens

Iphone or Android? Iphone

If you could solve any global problem, what would it be? I would end war

What is your favorite thing about California? Snow and waves

Why you like camp?  There is no place on earth like Mountain Camp, plus the food is awesome

What advice do you have for first time campers? Try everything you can, get up on stage, be loud at meals, and have fun