10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mountain Camp

1. The entire camp is powered by a propane generator that operates daily. We also have a backup generator.

California Summer Camp2. Ice House Reservoir typically recedes 30 – 50 feet during the summer season.California Summer Camp

3. The kitchen prepares over 1500 servings of food daily, that’s a lot of cornbread.

California Summer Camp

4. There are 3 dogs that live at camp. Rusty, Charlie, and Bo.

California Summer CampCalifornia Summer CampCalifornia Summer Camp

5. Our water comes from an underground well off site.

California Summer Camp

6. There are 2 babies at camp this summer! Sam and Eli.

California Summer Camp

7. Mountain Camp, Plantation Farm Camp, and Mountain Camp Woodside are all under common ownership.

California Summer CampMountain Camp LogoMountain Camp Woodside


8. Each member of the leadership team averages 14 summers of experience at Mountain Camp.

California Summer Camp

9. We will host over 2000 campers this summer.California Summer Camp

10. If you have a birthday at camp, the entire camp sings a custom birthday song to you at dinner.

California Summer Camp