Younger Campers – Life as a Blazer

Camper Age Groups

Mountain Camp has programs for campers entering 2nd grade through their senior year of high school. We manage this wide age range by dividing the camp into thirds for each session. The oldest third are called Alpiners, the middle third are Trackers, and the youngest third are known as the Blazers. These groups can vary from session to session depending on the overall distribution of ages during a given week. We try not to define any specific age to a group because a camper might be a Blazer in a session of mostly older campers, but a Tracker in a session of mostly younger campers.

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Blazers Rule

The youngest kids in camp sometimes require a little bit of extra support, and for many of them, this is their first experience away from home.  Our counselors have specific training to make sure that Blazers have a successful camp experience. This includes helping Blazers navigate the large camp environment, stay clean, manage homesickness, and stay involved. Mountain Camp also designates two male and female staff members as Blazer coordinators. These coordinators actually travel with the Blazer group to all activities to ensure that these young campers are signing up for their preferred activities, and generally having a good time.

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The Youngest Campers

We allow the youngest campers to pick their own activities. Even though the day is structured, there is an element of choice and flexibility that allows all campers to get involved in the activities they prefer. From archery to wake boarding, we have equipment that fits campers of all sizes. No matter the age or size, Mountain Camp is set up for everyone to have an amazing experience.

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