Water Carnival

What a glorious day!  The Mountain Camp Water Carnival happens during our two-week sessions (Sessions 3, 4, and 5), and occasionally on the Saturday between one-week sessions when we have enough campers.  It is a mixture of creativity, competition, and all around silly fun.

We start by dividing the camp into 3 teams, each with a mixture of our 3 age groups, both boys and girls.  Each team is assigned a color and then tasked with inventing a few chants to celebrate their hue.  Everyone applies generous amounts of sunscreen before using body paint to creatively decorate themselves for the upcoming competition.  Campers sign up for at least one of the events and counselors organize and energize their teams before heading down to the lake at 2pm.

What are these wacky events you ask?  The Greased Watermelon Relay Race, Highest Aqua Launch, Sink the Canoe Competition, Tug o War, Synchronized Swim Performance, Sand Castle Contest, Best Belly Flop (while wearing a life jacket), The Peace Canoe Race, and Swampball (a combination of water polo and inner tube basketball, played while wearing a life jacket upside down like a diaper!).

When campers are not competing, they are cheering on their teammates or enjoying sliced watermelon. And at the end of day, win or lose, everyone gets a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. Perfect!

Check out the Water Carnival edit from Session 3, Thanks Ian!