2015 is off and running!!!

We had a great Session 1 this year. A little rain, a lot of sun and TONS of fun!!! To view our daily post, login to your online account and click on ‘News’!!

Help Send Kids To Camp!

What is it? Camp Moves Me is the American Camp Association’s ambitious goal to unite all of us who understand the value of the camp experience in a nation-wide fundraising campaign to send more children to camp. Many of us on the Mountain Camp Staff are participating... Read More

It’s Raining…Camp Goes On!

Rain is OK There are a few occasions where we see rain here on the mountain. This happens about 5 times a summer, often not lasting more than a day. Here is a rundown of what we do to make the best of the rain. Meals ... Read More

We Can’t Run This Camp Without Her

What is your full name? Kamren Melissa Field Johnson Where were you born? Oceanside, CA What do you do for camp? Administrative Director How did you end up at Mt Camp? I started as a counselor in 2000. Where do you live? Santa Cruz, CA Favorite... Read More

Dinner for 350 – Serving Quality Food at Camp

Food in the Forest We often get questions about the food at camp. It’s quite a challenging task to serve quality food to so many people three times a day. Our kitchen staff happily prepares over 1500 servings a day, and we’re not even counting dessert. These... Read More

Younger Campers – Life as a Blazer

Camper Age Groups Mountain Camp has programs for campers entering 2nd grade through their senior year of high school. We manage this wide age range by dividing the camp into thirds for each session. The oldest third are called Alpiners, the middle third are Trackers, and the... Read More

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mountain Camp

1. The entire camp is powered by a propane generator that operates daily. We also have a backup generator. 2. Ice House Reservoir typically recedes 30 – 50 feet during the summer season. 3. The kitchen prepares over 1500 servings of food daily, that’s a lot... Read More

Who is Dave Brown? Mountain Camp Program Director

Dave Brown has been a year round program director for Mountain Camp since 2009. If you have been to camp since then, you probably know Dave for his hilarious personality and constant enthusiasm. We asked Dave some questions to learn a little bit more about him.... Read More

6 Unlikely Moments…at Fictional Summer Camps

Hollywood has always presented summer camps in unique way. The following fictional summer camps are no exception. Kamp Kikakee – Ernest Goes to Camp  The Story : Camp Kikakee was rich with the fictional mineral Petrocite, so much so that Sherman Krader of Krader Industries was... Read More