Click here to view a recording of our COVID WEBINAR from February 24th, 2021.

During the Summer of 2020, over a thousand accredited residential and day camps in the United States operated safely and successfully following COVID protocols established by The American Camp Association and the Center for Disease Control. While the risk of contracting COVID cannot be eliminated, these guidelines will serve as the framework upon which we will modify and build our program this coming summer.

The situation is ever evolving and Mountain Camp cannot communicate with certainty all the protocols that will be implemented at this time. We anticipate that these will be the most conservative policies that we will implement and we will update these procedures with the guidance of ACA, CDC and our public health department as summer approaches. Any modifications to the program will be communicated at least one month prior to the start of your camper’s session.

Based on what camps learned last summer, here are some changes we anticipate for 2021:

  • Campers will be required to receive a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their arrival at camp and provide documentation.
  • Staff will arrive 10-14 days before campers for a longer training and will be tested after 5 days.
  • All campers must agree to restrict their behavior 5-10 days prior to camp. Currently, we are asking families to plan to quarantine for 10 days before camp. Examples of restrictions include no traveling by plane, no dining in restaurants, no parties or gatherings outside of immediate households, no in-person schools or camps etc.
  • Camper drop off times will be staggered by cabins, and only campers will leave the car. Campers will receive a COVID and general health screening at their cars.
  • Cabins will function as pods and will do all their activities and meals together. This means campers will not have as much free choice of activities as in past years. Any interactions with other groups will be masked, distanced and outdoors (including interactions between siblings in different cabin groups).
  • Approved masks or face coverings will need to be worn at all times, outside of swimming, eating and sleeping.
  • Sleeping arrangements may be altered to mitigate risk. Possible changes include staff sleeping outside of cabin doors in tents, or campers sleeping in individual tents on sleeping decks around the cabin.
  • Any camper or staff with COVID symptoms will be quarantined and tested. Campers will be sent home as soon as possible with any positive test results. Staff who test positive will remain quarantined until deemed safe by medical staff. Cabins of campers or staff who have been exposed will be isolated and tested and may be sent home. Campers sent home due to illness, COVID 19 protocols or injury will not get a refund.
  • While we don’t anticipate vaccines to be available for campers before camp, we do hope to have our staff vaccinated.
  • Staff days off will not include any interaction with the general public.
  • We are currently looking into testing services that could conduct tests onsite. We are hoping to be able to test all campers and staff at least once a week.
  • Socially distanced meals and evening programs.
  • No transportation to or from camp on buses will be provided.
  • All campers MUST arrive by private vehicle and avoid the use of commercial transportation services such as airlines when traveling to camp.
  • If government safety precautions require a reduced capacity between registration and the start of camp, spots will be “first in, last out” based on the date of enrollment.

Mountain Camp is especially well suited for many of the current recommendations. All activities take place outdoors, meals are served outside, all cabins are open air and cabin groups can easily form their own pods at camp. We are committed to running a quality program that creates space for campers to connect socially and re-engage in community.